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This Benefits Guide describes benefits provided to all non-union U.S. colleagues. Eligibility for union colleagues is subject to the terms of their Collective Bargaining Agreement. To see the legal notices, click here.

For Colleagues

Full-time, active colleagues in the U.S. are eligible for Sysco's group benefits (medical, dental, vision, life, AD&D, long-term disability, and flexible spending accounts). You can find eligibility information for other benefits with their descriptions in this guide.

For Dependents

You may also cover certain family members, including your legal spouse (unless otherwise required by law), domestic partner and your dependent child(ren). Eligible children include:

  • Your biological or legally adopted child
  • A child who has been lawfully in your home for adoption
  • Your legally placed foster child
  • Your stepchild (meaning the eligible child of your legal spouse)
  • Child(ren) of your domestic partner

Dependent children may remain covered to age 26, regardless of whether they live with you or not. Coverage ends on the day before the dependent’s 26th birthday.

Eligibility for dependent children status may be extended for an unmarried physically or mentally disabled child, regardless of age, provided the disability started by or before age 26. Proof of the child’s disability must be submitted to your medical insurance administrator within 31 days of the child’s 26th birthday.

It is your responsibility to confirm and verify that an individual meets the definition of a dependent and provide any and all proper documentation for dependents when requested. 

Registering a qualifying life event (QLE) is required when adding a new dependent to your health coverage. Colleagues can register their QLE on the Total Rewards Café or by calling the Sysco Benefits Center at 1-800-55-SYSCO (1-800-557-9726). Colleagues have 31 days from the date of birth or adoption to register the QLE and submit the required documentation to the Sysco Benefits Center. Please contact the Sysco Benefits Center for documentation requirements; a Social Security number is not required documentation for a birth QLE.

If Both You and Your Spouse or Domestic Partner Work at Sysco

If you and your spouse or domestic partner are both eligible to enroll in the Sysco Health and Welfare plans, you can select one of the below enrollment options: 

  1. You may each enroll independently/separately in Sysco benefits
  2. You may cover your spouse or domestic partner as an eligible dependent under your plan (or vice versa)

Please note – you cannot elect both option 1 and 2. No Sysco colleague can be covered as both a dependent and an colleague under the plan.

In addition, your child(ren) cannot be covered as a dependent by both you and your spouse or domestic partner. Only one of you can cover your eligible child(ren).

Dependent Eligibility Verification

Part of the enrollment process includes verifying your dependents covered under Sysco's benefit plans. Dependents are eligible for benefits, provided they meet the eligibility rules defined in the Sysco benefit plans. Make sure you only add dependents that are eligible for coverage under the Sysco plans.

Sysco will conduct a verification of dependent data after the enrollment period ends:

  • The Dependent Verification Center will request documentation (i.e. birth certificate, proof of marriage, adoption, or legal guardianship records and joint ownership paperwork, domestic partnership affidavit) to validate the relationship with your eligible dependents. Falsification of dependent eligibility may result in disciplinary action, up to and including loss of benefits or termination of employment.
  • You will receive instructions on how to submit the required documentation in the mail.
  • You will have 45 days to provide your documentation.
  • If you are unable to provide the necessary documents within 60 days, please reach out to local HR as soon as possible to ensure coverage is not terminated.