Employee Stock Purchase Plan

Purchase Sysco stock at a 15% discount. Available to eligible colleagues.

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Gain ownership in the company through the Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) by buying Sysco stock for purchase at a 15% discount. After you enroll and the Offering Period begins, a percentage of your pay is deducted from your paychecks and used to purchase an equivalent amount of discounted Sysco stock in quarterly Offering Periods.

Who’s Eligible?

Sysco colleagues and colleagues of participating subsidiaries who are regularly expected to work more than twenty hours per week for more than five months per calendar year are eligible to participate.

How the ESPP Works

  1. Enroll in the plan through Fidelity at Enter the percentage (1% - 10%) of eligible pay you would like to have deducted in order to purchase Sysco stock, up to an annual value of $25K.
  2. Your contribution will be deducted from each paycheck and used to purchase stock on your behalf after the end of the quarterly Offering Periods:

    January 1 – March 31
    April 1 – June 30
    July 1 – September 30
    October 1 – December 31

    The purchase price per share will be 85% of the closing price of Sysco stock on the last day of the Offering Period (a 15% discount).
  3. Your shares will be deposited into your Fidelity individual brokerage account. You may keep them in your account, sell them, or after the required two-year transfer restriction has passed, transfer them to another account. Talk to your financial or tax consultant about the tax advantages.

Making Changes

You can change your contribution percentage or withdraw from the plan at Changes will take effect as soon as administratively feasible, according to plan rules.

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Employee Stock Purchase Plan
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