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Understanding the Employee
Stock Purchase Plan

What is the Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)? The ESPP is a great way to build extra savings and share in Sysco’s success as our stock value increases*. Participating in the plan is easy because your contributions are automatically deducted from your paycheck.

Become a Shareholder.

The ESPP makes it easy for you to become an owner in Sysco by offering you the opportunity to purchase Sysco stock at a 15% discount, receive dividends on shares purchased, and vote your shares at our Annual Stockholder Meetings.

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Discounted Price
On the day your stock is purchased, it will be worth more than you paid for it because you get a 15% discount. As long as the stock price isn’t lower than or equal to your purchase price when you decide to sell it, you’ll make a profit.



Potential Stock Price Growth
If the value of Sysco's stock rises, and you decide to sell your stock at a higher price than you paid for it, you make a profit. You can track our stock price by looking for the ticker symbol "SYY" on the New York Stock Exchange, on The Dish home page or by going to


Can be paid in cash or in shares

During the time you own Sysco stock, you also have the opportunity to receive dividends, which can be paid to you in more shares of Sysco stock allowing the shares you purchased to grow, or you can elect to receive dividends in cash.

Tax Savings


Preferred Tax Treatment
U.S. associates may benefit from a lower tax rate on any gain when selling stock, if the shares are held for two years or longer.

*Like other stock investments, the value of Sysco shares will fluctuate with market conditions, going up or down. The information on this site does not constitute investment or tax advice, nor does it guarantee that the value of Sysco stock will increase. Please consult your financial advisor in order to understand the financial risks and applicable tax considerations associated with this program and to decide if participation is right for you.

wrench How it Works

Here’s a fictional example** of how the ESPP works.

Meet Rick, an employee at ABC Company. He enrolled in the ESPP in November 2014 and chose to contribute 4% of his eligible pay—$50,000. His $2,000 annual election divided by 4 equaled $500 per quarterly offering period.

First offering period
The first quarterly ESPP offering period was January 1, 2015–March 31, 2015, and the closing price was $23.53 per share. At the end of the quarter: Rick bought ABC stock at a 15% discount on the closing stock price. His purchase price was $20 and his $500 ESPP contribution bought 25 shares of ABC stock.

At time of sale
When Rick decided to sell his ABC stock, the stock price was $25.88 and he received $647.00. Rick also received dividends of $1 per share or an additional $25. That’s a total profit of $172 on his initial investment of $500.

This shows Rick’s profit for stock purchased during just one quarterly offering period. He continued to participate, collecting dividends and watching his savings grow.

**This simple example is for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to predict the future returns for Sysco stock or any other investment.

Rick’s Eligibility
Contribution Amount
4% of eligible pay
Eligible Pay Amount
Annual Election 
($50,000 x .04)
Quarterly Election
($2,000 / 4)
First offering period
Rick’s ESPP Contribution
Purchase Price
$20 per share
($23.53 x .85)
Total Shares
($500 / $20)
At the time of sale
Sale Price
$25.88 per share
Cash for Sold Shares
(25 shares x
$25.88 per share)
Dividends Earned
Total Profit 
($147 gain on stock +
$25 in dividends)

How to Enroll

Learn more about the ESPP by reviewing the Plan Document, Prospectus and FAQs in the Sysco Benefits Guide. Enroll or change your contribution via Fidelity Investments at Your enrollment or change will become effective the next available offering period.


Read all the Details in the Benefits Guide


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Your enrollment or change will become effective the next available offering period.