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Sysco's 401(k) Match

Did you get your full piece of the Sysco 401(k) pie? Or, did you leave money on the table?

Sysco just spent $50 million delivering the annual 401(k) match to all participants! $50 million is a lot of green! That’s because the Sysco 401(k) plan matches 50 cents for every dollar you contribute up to 5% of your eligible earnings. And, that’s in addition to the automatic 3% you receive as a plan participant throughout the year.

Check out your personalized statement on the Total Rewards Café to see if you’re maximizing Sysco’s contributions to your 401(k).

Not contributing currently, or contributing less than 5%?

It’s never too late to start saving for retirement and when you contribute at least 5% of your eligible earnings, you maximize your Sysco match and ensure that you are getting your full piece of the Sysco 401(k) pie!   

To learn more, review the Retirement section and log on to the Total Rewards Café or contact Fidelity — your 401(k) plan administrator — directly.

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